Guest Post - Businesses Jump on Board the Vine Bandwagon


Jason Stone is VP of marketing at a small company in the Southwest. He studies marketing trends and writes about the future of the industry.

Good things come in small packages. That's the idea behind Vine, a micro-video app from Twitter that enables users to post 6.5-second clips. Vine is the latest example of shrinking attention spans within our culture, and businesses are looking to adjust. A number of high-profile brands use Vine to promote products, host contests and offer tips. These six-second videos may be long enough to earn new business, but they're long enough to leave a lasting impression. For small businesses, Vine is a free tool to compete with larger competition. Release your creative inhibitions, and you'll benefit from the viral nature of these addicting clips.

Urban Outfitters Hosts a Contest

Businesses may be using Vine, but this micro-video platform is an app of the people. Business would be wise, then, to invite users to join them in their quest for the perfect clip. Urban Outfitters led the way with one of the first Vine competitions. The "Where Do Your Chucks Go?" Vine contest summoned users to document a day in the lives of their Converse sneakers. Prizes included trips to New York City and San Francisco, Urban Outfitters gift cards and free Converse shoes. Urban Outfitters kicked off the contest with a clever Vine post of its own. A collaborative spirit has always been a hallmark of good business. Successful Ernst & Young CEO Mark Weinberger recognizes how relationships (such as the aforementioned Urban Outfitters and Converse partnership) can drive business. "It's about being inclusive," Weinberger told

Lowe's Offers Tips

To adopt loyal customers who are committed to your brand, services and products, businesses should continuously provide value. Home improvement giant Lowe's proves that six seconds is more than enough time to enhance the home improvement projects of users with practical advice. With its creative and unique #Lowesfixinsix series, Lowe's offers simple solutions to common household problems. Previous Vines post have instructed users on how to remove stickers from products and re-use pvc piping to organize tools. The latest #Lowesfixinsix vine highlights a clever solution for watering plants while on vacation. Lowes just topped 100,000 followers on Twitter, thanks in part to these helpful clips.

Puma Previews a New Product

Social media is a hot bed for real-time announcements and quickly promoting new releases. Vine opens up even more doors for businesses looking to introduce and spotlight products in creative ways. Puma teased its followers with a glimpse of its fall line with a clever stop-motion video. Puma's new FAAS sneakers appear to be floating peacefully over a puddle. Viewers get a good look at all angles of this bright red shoe. Businesses can make a splash as they market a new product on Vine in a snappy or witty way.