What’s Below the Fold?


Who cares?

That’s the philosophy most internet users have. Test after test have proven that anything below the fold on a webpage is likely to go unseen more often than not.

That’s a big deal for anyone using a website to sell: goods, services, ideas, yourself.

Take a look at your website. Without scrolling, can you navigate to every page? Can you see all the calls to action? Are you missing any key messaging or information?

Now think about what your website would look like, how it would change, and how it would function, if you had to design it all over again and keep everything above the fold.

Many websites are trying to do this, putting 99% of the most important content near the top of the page. Or, if that’s not an option, making it clear that there is more content below. You can do this by allowing people to expand the page their looking at, including a “see more” option, or including on page navigation that jumps from one section to another.

For web designers and developers out there, it’s time to pay attention to usability. Users don’t want to scroll. Users want to land on a page, immediately understand what they’re looking at, and what to do next.

If it’s below the fold, it might as well not exist.