A Guest Blogging Strategy for Companies


Content marketing is the word of the day. But not every content marketing strategy is the same. And there are more than one ways to crack the code.

Here’s one idea – do more guest blogging.

Yes, guest blogging can be worthwhile for more than just bloggers who are trying to get their name out there and attract more readers. Companies can employ a guest blogging strategy to help spread awareness of their brand and improve SEO rankings.

How to get started?

  1. Research blogs whose readers might also be your customers. Find out who the writers are, who the readers are, and how popular they are. Use services like compete.com and alltop.com to research blogs. Make a list of all blogs to reach out to, and find out if they accept guest posts and if there is a specific submission process.
  2. Brainstorm topics you can write about. Come up with titles, you can fill in the content later.
  3. Reach out to the blogs you’ve identified, in order of the most popular, and tell them you’re interested in writing a post for them. Give them 2 or 3 titles to choose from.
  4. If accepted, write the post. If not, go to the next blog.
  5. Make the post interesting and informative, and include one or two lines about you and your company at the end, with a link to your website. Don’t make the post sound like an ad. It should be able to survive without the link to your site, as if the blogger wrote it himself.
  6. Repeat this for as many blogs as possible.

You will find new audiences, build links to your site, and increase web visitors. And you may even find some new partners in your industry while you do it.