How to Educate with your Marketing

Different marketers face different problems. Some are targeting people who already know who they are, what they’re offering, and how they differ from the competition. But others have to worry first about introducing their company, their product, or why anyone would need what they’re offering.

In the latter case, your marketing only works if you can educate the consumer. Below are a few examples of situations you may find yourself in as a marketer, and how to use marketing to educate potential consumers.

The consumer has never heard of you:

  • Put the brand, company name and logo, front and center
  • Keep the ad simple, with a clear headline that grabs attention and reference what you do
  • Use a “find out more at…” with a URL that introduces the consumer to your brand, your offer, and your mission

The consumer doesn’t know what you offer:

  • Use product images, or images of customers using the product
  • Make a special offer, give a limited-time discount, show pricing
  • Include a call to action about how they can take advantage

The consumer doesn’t know they need what you’re offering:

  • Sell the need with provoking questions and stats
  • Use satisfied customer testimonials
  • Sell the benefits, how much better will my life be after I become a customer, and be specific

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