Email Marketing: Beyond the Email

Email is and will always be an essential part of any marketing strategy. And I’ve written about email many times. But when we talk about email marketing, all we’re usually talking about is the actual email – how it’s created, who it’s sent to, when it’s sent, and what to put in it. But that’s not the whole picture. If you stop there, you’re missing a major element: the landing page!

The goal of the email is not to make a sale, it’s to get a click. The goal of the landing page, or the page they land on when they click, is to make the sale. It’s a crucial element of email marketing that most “email marketers” don’t have full control over. But you should.

Here is what the landing page should do:

  1. It should look similar to the email. The more graphic elements you can carry over from one to the other, the better you can meet the consumers’ expectations.
  2. It should use the same language as the email. Use the heading on the page to restate the value proposition from the email.
  3. It should guide them through the thought process, explaining what you’re selling and why they should buy from you.
  4. It should allow them to take the next step by providing a strong call to action or a checkout form.

Here is what the landing page should not do:

  1. It should not present an offer that was not the subject of the email.
  2. It should not be the homepage of your website.
  3. It should not have large blocks of text that scare people away.
  4. It should not look so different from the email that your consumers get confused and click off the page.

A good email will get them to the page. But only a good page will get you the sale.