How to Choose the Right Image in Your Marketing

man with camera.png

The right image makes all the difference in the world. As consumers, we are more visual than we used to be. Pinterest, Instagram, GIFs, infographics. We communicate with photos and videos more than words.

And so, as marketers, we need to take notice. A strong photo or graphic element can turn a good ad into a great ad. It can turn an email reader into a click through. It can turn a boring website into one that brings in more conversions.

So how do you choose the right image?

  1. A good image helps people relate to the offer being made – it can either show someone getting the benefits of the product or service in question, or show the physical product in all its glory.

  2. A good image attracts attention – people like to see pictures of other people, people that remind them of themselves or who they want to be.

  3. A good image helps tell the story – just because it’s a good idea to include graphics in your marketing doesn’t mean you can just throw any image on there and expect it to work. When an image serves no purpose, it can actually detract from the message.

Bonus Tips for Using Photos of People

  1. In studies, both men and women prefer pictures of women to men.
  2. People are more likely to identify with a photo of a person if they can see their eyes.
  3. You can use the person’s eyes to direct the attention of the reader. We generally look where the person in the photo is looking.


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