How to Get Free Facebook Ad Credits

The following is a guest post by Sherrie Lim. Sherrie is a digital media marketer and technology writer who recommends setting up an autoresponder in your site to build a mailing list and get repeat customers for your business. Check out her latest posts and how to build a mail list guide.

1. Create a new Facebook account. Let this account be the one you'll use for developing, managing and tracking your Facebook PPC advertising campaigns.

2. Complete the profile of your newly registered Facebook account. Use your business details, logo and other images. Also use your business contact details, such as your business email, office address and phone numbers. Upload photos of your business and products. Also create posts in your Wall that can provide your target viewers with helpful info about your niche, site content, products and services.

3. Use Google to search for Facebook PPC coupon codes. By doing this, you can collect many Facebook PPC coupon codes that can give you up to $250 of free Facebook PPC credits.

4. Develop your Facebook PPC ad campaign. Keep in mind to include an attention-grabbing image that's related to your offer. Your ad headline should be catchy enough to grab the attention of your target customers.

5. Develop a short and sweet description of your ad. This description should be able to entice your target customers to click the ad and view the rest of your offer.

6. Select the most relevant targeting details for your ad. These include country, specific places within the country, gender, age bracket, interests, hobbies and profession among other things.

7. Choose PPC and not PPM (Pay Per Impression). Set a reasonable price for each click that your ad gets. Keep in mind that the higher you pay for each click, the more frequent your ads are displayed in front of the eyeballs of your target customers in Facebook.

8. Monitor your results. Keep on developing, testing and monitoring other ads, until you get substantial results from your Facebook PPC tests. At this point, you can then decide whether to continue with your best converting Facebook PPC ads, or spend your time and money doing other things to get more traffic and sales for your business.