Mid-Year Resolution Checkup

Believe it or not, the first half of 2012 is over. I know, I know. Too fast, right?

But the impending change over to the third quarter of the year means that it’s the perfect time to review the progress that you’ve made in your marketing plans for the year.

Take out the New Year’s Resolutions, the marketing plan, the forecast for your business. Dust if off and examine where you wanted to be through June.

Are you there?

Chances are you’ve fallen short in some areas, you’re ahead of schedule in others, and for one reason or another, you decided to change or abandon a few of your goals for the year.

The point is not to punish yourself or the people involved in the areas you’ve fallen short. The point is simply to identify them, so that you can shift your focus accordingly. This is a chance for a fresh start as you move into the second half of the year and chase your goals.

It’s also time to reevaluate your needs. In the beginning of the year you probably put resources against each strategy or goal that you had. Now is the time to update those items.

Do you need more people in a certain area? Do you have too many people devoted to something that’s not working?

Make the necessary changes in your organization and invest in those areas that are working out better than planned.

In 6 months time you’ll be evaluating the year as a whole, and the changes you make now can help you reach the goals you set out to achieve 6 months ago.