How to Create Buzz

Marketing can be about a number of different things. The best marketing plans see all the angles, and aim to have the most impact in a variety of areas.

Your goals might be sales (big sales, small sales, free trials), brand or product awareness, sales or business leads, etc. But a different goal that you might be after, a relatively unknown goal and one that can lead to all of your others, is buzz.

Buzz is what happens when consumers start marketing your brand for you. It’s the essence of word of mouth. And it’s described in detail in the book, Buzzmarketing: Get People to Talk About Your Stuff by Mark Hughes.

To get buzz, you must be buzzworthy. You must approach marketing with a different mindset. Your goal is not clicks or impressions, its conversations. Give people something to talk about and give them a voice.

Author of the book, and successful buzz marketer Mark Hughes, gives us 6 buttons to push in order to get buzz:

  1. The taboo - sex, lies, and bathroom humor
  2. The unusual
  3. The outrageous
  4. The hilarious
  5. The remarkable
  6. The secret - both the revealed and unrevealed

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