Email Newsletters: the What and the Why

In my book, The Fundamentals of Email Marketing, I break the different types of marketing emails up into four categories. Today, for the first time, I will take a stand and tell you which of those is the most important.

It’s the email newsletter.

What is an email newsletter?

In the book, I describe a newsletter as any email that goes out to a subscriber list on a regular basis with news, updates, or exclusive information but no direct sales message. In the United States, 1 in 2 people now subscribe to at least one company’s email list. And chances are, most of them belong to a newsletter list. They might go out daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. But whenever they do, people are expecting them.

Why is the email newsletter so important?

They have the most global functionality. A newsletter list can be the easiest to implement and grow, because consumers know that generally, a newsletter will present a pushy sales message, and it will come on a regular basis so that they know when and what to expect. Once you have a loyal newsletter following, you can begin to use that audience in other ways. Build brand loyalty, create specials and offers specifically for your newsletter subscribers, push them towards your social pages. It all starts with the reliability of an email newsletter.


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