The One Thing You Need to Know

I see/hear this a lot. What is the one thing that I need to know to succeed in marketing? In email marketing? In business?

Sorry to say, you have to know more than one thing to succeed. If all it took was one thing, and someone could tell you what that one thing is, we’d all be doing it.

There are things you can do to up your chances. There are things you can do that are proven to help. But there is no one thing that you aren’t doing, that if you did, would be the answer to all your prayers.

So why are we so obsessed with this magical “1 Thing”?

Because we’re looking for an easy way out. We’re looking for the get rich quick scheme.

Time to stop. Time to work towards a goal, a goal down the road that requires knowing more than one thing.

I think we can get there.