Attention Marketers! Responsive Design is Here

Website design and usability is an important function of marketing in today’s digital age. And more and more, people are accessing your site from more than just their desktop computers. The rise of mobile and tablet web usage means that the modern marketer needs to cater to people accessing data in a variety of different ways.

In steps the concept of “Responsive Design”.

From Wikipedia, “Responsive Web Design (RWD) encapsulates many different ideas and technologies, but essentially it indicates that a web site is crafted to use W3C CSS3 media queries to adapt the layout to the environment that it is being viewed in. As a result, mobile (smartphone/tablet) users will have a similar experience and see similar content to Desktop users — but the content will be laid out in such a way to ensure that the content is readable without having to zoom or do any kind of resizing.”

If you have a website, I strongly suggest you consider rebuilding it using responsive design in the next year or so. It will only gain in terms of importance, as more and more of your web visitors come from outside the traditional desktop space.

Here some examples of Responsive Design.