How to Incentivize Everything: Series Recap

When you want something done right, do it yourself.

That way of thinking is the quickest way I know to collapse under the stress of doing business, quit, shut it down, and go insane. In the business world, if you want something done right, I say incentivize it.

Adding incentives is a great way to get people to perform a certain way, say or do something that you want in order to help your business. And that was the entire basis of my blog series, Incentivize Everything!

In preparing to reboot this series, I thought I’d start by sharing where we’ve been. Below are seven posts written last year on different ways to incentivize employees, customers, and the consumer market in general.

  • Incentivize Everything! New Hires
  • Incentivize Everything! New Customers
  • Incentivize Everything! Product Evangelists
  • Incentivize Everything! Customer Loyalty
  • Incentivize Everything! Consumer Feedback
  • Incentivize Everything! Fans and Followers
  • Incentivize Everything! Innovation

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Who wants to start?