Top 5 Reasons I’m a Marketer

Many marketers would tell you that they were born to do it. They’ve always known that advertising, and selling, and design was for them. They loved commercials, they love business, and they’ve worked their who lives to get where they are today.

I don’t know how true that is of me. There are things about marketing that I love, and things about marketing that I hate.

But if I had to dig up 5 reasons that I do what I do, I guess they’d be…

  1. I believe in the marketer’s ability to sell quality products to people that need them and would otherwise not find them.
  2. I believe in attempting to restore a positive association with marketing that people seem to have lost in our era of daily deals, do anything it takes to get the sale.
  3. I like people, and this industry lends itself to meeting lots of them.
  4. I like the type of statistical analysis that comes with marketing and testing new strategies.
  5. I like taking risks, and marketing is an area where you get to experiment a whole lot.

Why do you do what you do? Share with us in the comments below.