Little Things – 19 Quick Marketing Tips
Monday, December 10, 2012 at 10:30AM
Zach Heller in Marketing, little things marketing, marketing tips

For the last twenty weeks, we’ve been running this series of quick marketing tips to help you improve your performance. It’s been a great run, and we’ve had some fun putting them together. This post, the twentieth and final post in the series, recaps all of the tips in the series.

Last week’s topic was create a sitemap.

This week’s tip:

Review All 19 Marketing Tips in this Series

  1. Change the Style of Your Web Forms
  2. Optimize the Functionality of Your Web Forms
  3. Add Alt Tags to Your Images
  4. Start Retargeting Your Web Visitors
  5. Start an Email Newsletter
  6. Use Lists in All Your Copywriting
  7. Use Surveys to Perfect Your Processes
  8. Collect and Use Testimonials in Your Ads
  9. Build Internal and Inbound Links
  10. A Look Back
  11. Incentivize Everything
  12. Provide Phone Numbers
  13. Answer Questions
  14. Start a Blog
  15. Attend a Marketing Conference
  16. Automate Your Emails
  17. Offer Free Trials
  18. Offer a Mobile Website
  19. Create a Sitemap

I certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed this series while it lasted. If you have any quick tips that I didn’t include, please share them in the comments section below.

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