How to Write a Tricky Subject Lines

I don’t know why but I’ve seen more tricky subject lines in my inbox in the past few weeks than usual. Halloween is over people!

When I say “tricky” subject lines, I mean subject lines that don’t have much to do with the content of your email. Subject lines that are clearly designed to get people to open the email no matter what.

The democrats were guilty of this in a big way, with subject lines like:

  1. Tomorrow
  3. You’ll never believe this
  4. How dare you
  5. (no subject)

When you trick people with subject lines, you may get them to open your emails. But when they do, if your content does not meet their expectations, you’re more lucky to anger them than get them to click. And angry subscribers leads to unsubscribes, or worse, complaints.

Need help crafting subject lines that work, without tricking your subscribers? Try my post on the perfect subject line, or iContact’s recent post on subject lines that get emails opened.