The Rule of 1’s

New rule: First Impressions are Critical.

Okay, so that’s not so new. First impressions have been important in all walks of life for years. But in marketing, first impressions have never mattered more than they do now, especially on the web.

The rule of 1s tells us this, you have one chance to make a good impression. Miss it, and you could very well have turned someone off of your brand, lost a sale or a lifetime of sales, or created an anti-ambassador, someone who dissuades others from buying from you.

First impressions in marketing are all over the place. Your home page has to make a first impression. Your ads have to make a first impression. Your landing pages have to make a first impression. Your social media accounts have to make a first impression. Your emails have to make a first impression.

One way or another, you hope, consumers will come in contact with your brand. It may be during the purchasing process or it may be long before they have a need for what you sell. It may come through a Google search or it may come from a link sent to them by a friend. However, and wherever that first contact is made, the importance of the impression left cannot be underestimated.

“So we’re just supposed to be perfect everywhere?” you’re wondering.

Yes. That needs to be the goal. A goal you might never reach, but the goal nonetheless. Always be thinking about that first impression.

A good first impression gives you someone to follow up with. A bad first impression is a lost opportunity.