New Google Adwords Ad Copy Rule

Google will often release new updates to their advertiser policies, and as marketers, it’s important to stay up to date on these releases. It could mean the difference between successful paid search marketing and wasting your money.

Their newest release clarified the concept of “Advertiser Claims”.

What this policy does is prevent advertisers from making claims in their ads that appear on Google that are not supported on their website. Companies who will tell you anything to get you to click on their ad, only to be confused and frustrated when you wind up on a page that has nothing to do with the ad you clicked on.

The specific language in the update that is most important is this: All advertised products, prices, offers, and discounts must be available on your site, at most two clicks away from your landing page, or through a basic search on your site.

That’s important if you’re currently advertising with Google. The landing page, or any page they can get to in two clicks must confirm what they saw in the ad. If it does not, you risk your ad being taken down by Google.

What kind of claims should you be paying attention to? Discounts, pricing, deals, product descriptions, and statements about your company. If it’s in the ad, make sure it follows the ad.

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