Ad Education, or ad-ucation, can mean one of two things. The first is a general principle that I think anyone in the marketing or advertising field should live by. The second is an idea.

Ad-ucation #1:

In marketing, as in any other field in the digital age, things are changing fast. And if you allow yourself to get complacent, you will quickly fall behind the pace of your competitors. And by competitors, I mean both the companies that are competing with you for the attention of the consumers, but also other marketers that may be gunning for your job.

If you want to be involved in social media marketing, get involved in social media. Read the blogs that cover social media. Have an understanding of what other companies are doing, and how it’s working for them. The same applies to any other aspect of marketing, because if you don’t keep yourself informed and educated in your field, than you might as well go find another field.

Ad-ucation #2:

The internet has paved the way for “free” services to become a viable alternative to paid services in many different areas. Offer something for free, get a lot of people interested, and pay for it with advertising. That’s the formula that Facebook is famous for.

Why is there no free, ad-supported, education? A YouTube strictly for training, tutorials, or classes?

Maybe it’s time for YOU to create one.