The Problem with Teams

A marketer, a customer service expert, and a graphic designer walk into a room. Each has a different end goal for a new website. The marketer wants big, obvious calls to action, few distractions, and clearly defined click paths that will ultimately lead to more sales. The customer service expert wants the answers to every single question a customer might have no more than one click away. And the designer wants a simple, minimalistic look and feel, with one clearly defined color scheme and font group.

Who wins?

The problem with teams is that when you bring people together to work on a project, it’s not always clear what the end goal is. It’s important to define the purpose, in the case above, who is the website for?

It can’t be for everyone. And not everyone on the team will agree with the final product. But as many of us have learned, if you attempt to satisfy everyone, you end up with something that satisfies no one.