The Market for Creators

We are all consumers. As consumers, we naturally consume things that are created by the creators. In a recent blog post, Seth Godin references the dwindling ratio of creators to consumers, made possible by the internet.

The market for creators is ever easier to penetrate. Anyone, who through today has primarily been on the consumer side of things, can become a creator through social media. There is almost no cost to becoming a content creator, besides your time.

For marketers living in a world where consumers can be creators, there is a fight to get your message across that never existed before. It’s more important now to cater to smaller groups, find your target audience, and provide a message that resonates with people on a level that makes them share that message with their own consumers.

Online reviews and product testimonials are examples of consumers who are creating. They’re creating buzz, and ideas, and topics for discussion, both positive and negative, about your company.

The new breed of consumer-creator is a growing part of the world we live in. As marketers, it’s time to take notice, and embrace them.