The Rules of Marketing

The subtitle to this post should be, “Have they really changed”, but I thought that would be too vague.  Instead, I think it might be, “The battle between being unique and going with what works”.

In marketing, case studies and tests are a popular way to research a new campaign, or changes to a current campaign.  There are tried and true methods of marketing that worked, are proven to have worked, and still work today.  Many marketing companies and executives make a solid living on sticking with what they know works.  It’s a strategy in marketing that will rarely fail you.

But as we all know, the world has changed drastically in the last couple of years.  The internet has created an entirely new way to reach consumers, and has changed a lot of what marketing really is.

You will hear many people argue that marketing online is a different animal than more traditional versions of marketing: print, radio, television, direct mail, etc.  And I think they’re right, but there is a common thread that the two share.

Marketing itself is the same as it always has been. It’s the art of creating a message that reaches the consumer and generates sales. Where you do that, and how you do it, is all that has changed.

And for marketers out there that have grown up in the digital age, there can be a lot of pressure to try new things, and be creative with the way you present information. But you want to be careful not to ignore the tried and true methods of marketing that have worked for generations, and can still work for you today.

The trick is to know your audience. Who is this ad trying to reach? Who will be reading this email?

The more you know about the end consumer, the better you should feel about marketing to them.  Are they more inclined to respond to something new and unique, something that involves social media and video? Or are they more likely to purchase if you keep things simple, send them an email with a discount and a link and let them click it?

What works for Old Navy won’t necessarily work for Kindred Market.  And what works for me won’t necessarily work for you.  But knowing where the art and science of marketing is coming from will certainly help you determine exactly how to get your message out.