Using Music as a Branding Tool

Music can be an important part of advertising. A popular trend these days in commercials is to use one song in the background of all of your commercials, or to introduce new songs with each new commercial.

A good example of the first is Chase, who have been using a song by Tim Myers called “Under Control” in all of their recent ads. Here is a sample:

A good example of the second is the Apple iPod series, which take advantage of their product’s association to music to introduce new artists to the world through their commercials. Here is an older one that helped launch Feist into the pop music spectrum:

In today’s world, where attention can be harder to get from any consumer, companies are searching for new ways to grab it. Music is a great tool for just that. You can tap into a part of the consumer’s brain that is always open. An ad can be made “watchable” just based on the accompanying music, elevating a commercial to an art form.

And in Chase’s case, they have used the song as a branding tool. People here that song, and they associate it with Chase because they have heard it so many times before. You can even download the song from their website at

In days past, a catchy jingle could make or break a marketing campaign. Today, music is playing a bigger role than ever before in capturing the attention and the interest of potential customers.