Market Yourself in 140 Characters

The world is changing. Higher unemployment is not just a sign of a bad economy, it’s a sign that employment as we think of it will never be the same. Technology makes it easier to do more with less, and relieves the need for many jobs that in the past would have been secure and stable.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever before to be able to market yourself. And in today’s world, it’s important to condense down who you are and what you do into a simple statement. Sometimes you have less than a minute to explain your value, and when those times come, it’s better to be prepared.

In the spirit of Twitter, I’d like you to go through this exercise. Come up with a 140 character tagline for who you are and what you do. What value to you deliver to a potential employer? What value does your idea deliver the world?

Coca Cola might have one that says “Delivering happiness through thirst-quenching, delicious beverages the world over”.

Google might have one that says “Bringing the world to you, one search at a time”.

Mine might say “Marketer with a desire and a need to strategize, experiment, communicate, and execute in the digital world”.

What’s yours? Feel free to share them with all of us below.