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Market to Your Users: Dropbox Email Review

Sometimes, simplicity is the name of the game. And when you are marketing to someone who is already familiar with your company, in so much as they’ve already signed up, a simple marketing message can go a long way.

What better way to demonstrate that then to review a recent email I received from Dropbox.

For those not familiar with Dropbox, it’s a cloud storage service that offers a free solution with limited space, and paid solutions if you require additional storage space. It’s a perfect place to backup important files or share files with multiple people.

I am a customer, however, I’m not a paying customer. So while communication between Dropbox and me might be viewed as simple communication with a current customer, it’s actually a function of marketing. I am valuable to them because I could always upgrade to a premium account, or share the brand with friends and family. All communication with customers should be vetted by marketing for that reason.

In this email, they’ve done a great job. The email is simple, straightforward, and positive. “Dropbox bonus received!” is a perfect subject line. I know why I’m getting the email, I can read it quickly, and I want to open it. Inside, it’s more of the same. I know why I’m getting a bonus, I know what the bonus is, and I can click through to get more space if needed (without a pressuring sales message), all in a matter of a few lines of text.

Take a cue from Dropbox when crafting any email, say what needs to be said, and don’t cloud your message with extraneous information that does not benefit the user.

Well done!

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