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Knowledge is Power: Amazon Email Review #2

As a consumer, we know that knowledge is power. Knowledge of what’s being offered, of pricing, recommendations from friends, it’s all changing the way people shop and spend money.

As marketers, we also know that knowledge is power. Knowledge about our consumers, data!

Here is a recent email I got from Amazon that allows me to prove a point:

I happen to be in the market for an exercise bike. How did Amazon know this? Because I went on their site and searched for one.

Amazon, just like many other intelligent (well-funded) companies with a strong online presence, is tracking user behavior. And they’ve set up an automatic email response that goes out to people who look for something on the site but don’t end up buying. It’s brilliant.

The stats will show you that the best people to email are the people who have just been on your site. Email them while your brand is fresh in their mind, and if you can make them an offer, even better. And while the content of this email is not as good as others I’ve seen (even from Amazon), the concept is perfect.

How can you apply this concept to your business?

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