Free Sample Marketing

I’ve noticed a form of marketing that is growing in popularity recently, and that is the free sample. Many of us have been in food stores where they offer free samples of products to shoppers in the hopes that you will buy those products after you try them.

The free sample is an age old way of getting your product into the hands of the customer at no cost to them. If they like it, they’re more likely to buy it. You are eliminating the risk that they spend their money on something that does not work or they do not like. It’s a simple, and very effective, concept.

Fast forward to today’s world and many companies are experimenting with new ways of applying this old concept. Facebook and Google are two that have tried this type of marketing on me recently.

Both companies are reaching out to small businesses and marketers in order to get them to sign up for their ad delivery platforms. They offer $25, $50, or $100 in free advertising for first timers in hopes that the advertising works for you and you will continue to spend long past the “free” money runs out. Simple.

So how can your company pull that off? How do you let someone try a product, prove its value to themselves, and then pay?

You could break it down into parts, and offer the first for free to anyone who wants to try it. You could set up a free trial period and only start billing them after that time has expired, giving them ample opportunity to opt out along the way.

If you have a product or service that you know works, you need to get it into consumers’ hands faster. Giving it away free is the best way that I know how to do that.