Advertise on the Blog

If you are interested in advertising on this site, please email me using the contact form detailing what types of ads you are interested in. I currently accept advertising on this blog in the following forms (all prices are subject to change):

1) ROS Banners - you can purchase a 160 x 600 ad in the sidebar, or a 468 x 60 page header or footer.  These ads are sold at monthly rates.  Sidebar ads cost $200/mo. Headers cost $300/mo. Footers cost $100/mo. You can save 20% if you purchase 6 months worth of ads or more.

2) Sponsored Blog Posts - you can pay to write and publish a post on the blog, or have me review your product.  All sponsored posts must be on topic and approved by myself before going up.  The cost per sponsored post is $500.

3) Text Links - you can pay to link a word or phrase in any of my posts permanently.  Text links must be approved.  The cost is $50/per text link.

4) eNewsletter Sponsorship - you will get a "message from our sponsor" included in my monthly newsletter. The cost is $500 per newsletter.

5) Exclusive Blog Sponsorship - all-in sponsorship of the blog is done on a month to month basis and includes all banner placements, a sponsored post, and a newsletter sponsorship. The cost is $1200.

*all prices are subject to change