If You Only Do One Thing – Part 7

Welcome to the latest installment of our new weekly blog series, If You Only Do One Thing. Every Monday, we will discuss one thing that you can start doing today to improve your marketing performance.

With so much advice floating around from so many different sources, it can be tough for marketers and small business owners to know where to focus. This series aims to help you out. Last week’s thing was Survey Your Customers.

Today’s Thing = Attend a Tradeshow

Attending a tradeshow does not necessarily mean marketing in a lot of people’s minds. It fits into the category of networking or relationship building. But I recommend rethinking how tradeshows can help you, with a marketing twist.

There are two types of tradeshows that I will recommend to you here.

First, you have marketing tradeshows. Shows like Leads Con or SEO Summit, and the hundreds around the country like them, give you a chance to check out the latest trends in marketing. Just by walking the floor for a day, you can learn from a large number of marketing companies. And if you attend seminars, you will gain insights into how you can use these trends to your advantage.

Second, there are most likely tradeshows for your industry. Here, you can walk the floor and do your own form of market research. You can visit your competitors to find out what they’re doing, and how they’re marketing themselves. This will help you position your brand against theirs. What do you do better? How does your price compare?

Some tradeshows are free to attend, others cost money. Sometimes you can get a free floor pass by signing up with a sponsoring company. But whether or not you have to pay, walking the floor at one of these shows can help you gain an increased knowledge of your industry and how to market your company to prospective customers.

And for that reason, it’s one thing you should definitely do.

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How Does a Tradeshow Help Your Marketing?

Marketing is all about getting attention. And a tradeshow can be a great way to get attention from a very specific industry or group of consumers.

Depending on your product or service and the industry that you’re in, there is likely one or more trade shows or conferences that your business might attend. And, if you have the budget, you might consider becoming a sponsor or exhibitor.

If this is not something your business has done in the past, here are some reasons why you might consider making tradeshows a part of your marketing strategy in the future:

  • Generate leads – tradeshow attendees can learn more about you and give you their information so that your sales team can follow up after the show.
  • Create business partnerships – you can meet and talk to representatives from other companies in your industry, which can lead to profitable partnerships.
  • Launch products – tradeshows already get media coverage, so they can be a great time to make big product announcements. You already have a built in audience.
  • Brand awareness and industry respect –tradeshows tell consumers and industry players what brands are worth paying attention to, and just showing up at a tradeshow for the first time will get people’s attention.
  • Social Media tie-in – tradeshows can be a great way to generate interest in your social media channels. You can cover the event in real time or make special social media offers during the show.

For more information on using tradeshows as a part of your marketing strategy, read this and this.