Why Do I Care? ON24 Email Review

The following email popped up in my inbox the other day:

I knew it was prime for a “review” post because I immediately had a number of questions that I wanted answered. First, I wondered if they had the rights to call anything “_ for Dummies”. Do the “for dummies” guys know about this webinar?

Second, I was intrigued by a webinar on hosting webinars. It was kind of like a thought I had awhile back on starting an email marketing class delivered via email.

The email itself is strong. Well composed, visually simplistic, and detailed with great calls to action. But the final question remained, how’d they get my name?

I seem like someone who should be getting this email. It’s for marketers. Surely they made the decision to include me. But I never signed up for updates from ON24, and this is my introduction to their promo emails.

And while I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world to send a cold email to someone whose name you added to your list, I do think there is a need for introduction. Segment your first time recipients and tell me why you thought I needed to see this. Prove to me that there is value in being a subscriber, and let me unsubscribe right away if I disagree.

Overall Grade = D for Don’t send to me anymore!