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For those of you unfamiliar with the book, here is the description on along with several strong reviews:

“This book will guide you through the concept of email marketing as a part of a larger corporate marketing plan. It will help you get started in the field, or provide insight into how to improve any work you are currently doing. Starting with the basics, each section of this book will introduce a new piece of email marketing strategy that you can use to guarantee more people open, read, and click-through on all of the emails you send.”

Excellent Step by Step Guide to Email Marketing December 30, 2011

By shemmy


a great beginners guide to email marketing! Very clear and concise. Definitely recommend to those getting into the email marketing biz!

Quick and Helpful Read October 26, 2011

By TheGoodStuff


I read this book and it is great for anyone like me, who is a beginner/intermediate level person. Learning the basic concepts in the book made it so I could run my campaigns. Can't say how they turned out yet, since I just started, but I have my fingers crossed and I am feeling confident.

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