Email Marketing: What Do You Want to Learn?

If you haven’t heard, I’m teaching a class on email marketing in New York City in January. While there is not set date and location yet, I’ll be working over the course of the next week to nail it down and open it up for anyone to sign up.

But first, in creating a lesson plan, I found that there were a couple of paths I could take. To teach everything about email marketing would take far too much time, and would be far too confusing. But rather than pick apart the most important items myself, I thought that I would first open it up to you, the readers!

Select from the options in the poll below or leave additional topics that you’re interested in the comments to this post. Thanks for your feedback!

What topics are you interested in learning about Email Marketing?
Email Technology
Subject Lines
Mobile Email
HTML vs Text
Email List Buidling
Timing/Frequency free polls 

Poll: QR Code Use

For those of you who don’t know by now, I am firmly on the opposition side of the QR Code debate.

I’ve yet to see any clear strategy (in a marketing sense) that employs QR codes effectively. And furthermore, I’ve never once seen anyone use their phone to scan a code on an advertisement or promotional piece of some kind. Honestly, not once.

That got me thinking, how many times does the average QR code get scanned? We see them everywhere, but never see them getting any use.

And do I ask you, the reader, when is the last time you saw someone scan a QR code?

When is the last time you saw someone scan a QR code?
 In the last week
 In the last month
 In the last year
 Never free polls 

Poll: Email vs. Text Message for Companies

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the increased use of SMS, or text messaging, as a part of the general push to mobile marketing. Some companies now offer customers the opportunity to receive text updates with news and promotions from their store. In addition, other companies are selling the ability to send out mass text messages instead of telemarketing calls to get new leads for your business.

As a marketer, I am intrigued. But as a consumer with a cell phone, I’m also concerned. But before I pass judgment on the movement, I would like to find out what you all think. Please take a second to answer with your opinion below. And assume for the sake of this exercise you want the updates you are getting from this company.

Would you rather receive news and deals via email or text message?
Both free polls 

Poll: Stock Images vs. Real People

One aspect of marketing is design. We have to worry about the design of our website, landing page, direct mail pieces, advertisements, etc. And one of the big design questions that we have to answer for ourselves is whether or not to use stock photos. They’re easy. They’re cheap. But are they effective?

Whenever you are using an image in your design, this question will come up. So I want to hear from you:

Do you prefer stock photography or real photographs?

Leave your opinion in the comments below.