Best Practices for Abandoned Cart Emails

Ask any business with an online shopping presence what their biggest frustration is, and they’ll probably answer, “abandoned shopping carts.” In fact, there are far too many carts that get items added only to be left behind—and it can be difficult to determine why.

The reasons for consumers abandoning a cart are many. They might be frustrated by the whole process and not want to set up an account. They might feel that there are fees that were tacked on the end that they weren’t expecting. Or they might just have gotten busy.

But email is a good way to help those abandoned carts get active again. The trick is working out the timing of the email and the message must-includes, such as a clear statement about refunds. Want to discover how to craft those emails so they’re successful? Try the tips in this graphic.

Abandoned Cart Emails: Your Best Tips, Tricks, and Examples