This is What the Future of Online Shopping Will Look Like

The ability to shop online has been available for many years now, but it has never been quite as popular as it is today. For many, it is part of their daily routines, and they simply couldn’t imagine life without it.

New technologies are continuously being developed to give us, consumers, a better online shopping experience, and it is these updates and changes that are likely to shape the future of the ecommerce industry.

According to the infographic below originally published on Subscriptionly, by the end of this year alone, global ecommerce sales will be through the roof.

There is a range of reasons why sales are increasing, and one of them is the development of mobile technology. Currently, smartphones are used a lot more than desktop computers for researching and browsing products. Although sales on mobile devices have not quite caught up with desktop sales, it is certainly a number that is steadily growing.

Other development that could be contributing to the growth is the fact that the speed of delivery is getting consistently faster. There was a time when businesses would laugh at the idea of next day delivery, but today it is almost expected as it is a service that everyone offers. In fact, there are some companies already providing same day delivery, while others can even deliver products in a matter of hours.

What consumers like is the fact that online shopping is gradually finding ways to fill the gaps that previously only physical shops were able to do. Another great example of this is the social side of offline shopping, but with the help of social media, online shopping is becoming social too.

You can find out a lot more about what the future of online shopping brings by taking a look at the infographic below.

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