Top Resources for Marketers – Part 9


The following is part one of our weekly series on Top Resources for Marketers.

Learning is a lifelong process. Without learning and development, we flounder. Technology passes us by. Potential lies undiscovered and dormant. Old skills stagnate and new ones fail ever to form.

With that in mind, today’s resource is: Marketing Profs

Individual marketers, teams, and organizations rely on MarketingProfs for expertise and real-world education. Through a combination of podcasts, live events, articles, and online seminars, they provide their members with a near-infinite treasure trove of educational resources.

Memberships range from basic (which is free) to pro (for organizations), and offer a variety of benefits that grow along with the price. At the most basic level, one gets access to articles, email newsletters, the discussion board and sponsored seminars.

Pro members save on courses and live events, and have access to tools they can use at their organizations.

If you are looking for an all-in-one educational resource, consider becoming a MarketingProfs member today.