SEO: Mobile vs. Desktop


As if the basic operating principles behind your team’s SEO strategy weren’t confusing enough before, people now perform a fair amount of search engine queries on their phones and tablets.

Google owns just over 60% of all searches, but nearly 95% of all mobile searches. And global mobile searches now make up close to 60% of all searches. Yes, more people are searching on their phones than one their desktops.

What does this mean for SEO? A lot, actually.

Google’s search results on mobile do not match Google’s search results on desktop. And there is a reason for that. The elusive ranking formula has been refined for mobile to take into account mobile usability and site speed.

If you care about rising to the top of the search results on mobile, and you should (given the stats noted above), you have to put in the work necessary to not only be a reliable, quality site in Google’s eyes, but you now have to work just as hard at making your site as mobile-friendly as possible.

And because the search experience is different on a phone vs. desktop, the argument can be made that showing up at the very top of the search results on mobile is more important. So the time to focus on mobile SEO is now.