Use Google Analytics to Learn Who Your Customers Are

There are a lot of ways companies can learn more about their customers. Surveys, sign up forms, interviews, focus groups and social media listening are some. But most companies overlook a great tool at their disposal, that just happens to be free and non-intrusive – Google Analytics.

Google Analytics can tell you all kinds of things about who is visiting your website, who is buying from you, who is reading your content, and more. Things you can use to better target your advertising, craft more appropriate messaging, design better experiences, etc. Things like…

  • Age ranges
  • Gender
  • Geographic location – city, state, country
  • Technology use – device, browser, operating system
  • Interests (Affinity Categories) – these are users that Google has determined are interested in purchasing goods or viewing content in specific categories, from food to books to technology and more
  • Interests (In-market Categories) – these are users that Google has identified as actively shopping for specific goods or services

The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. Not only that, but you’ll be better armed with the information you need to go out and recruit more of them. Data is a marketer’s best friend. So use what you have.