Fill In Your Skills Gaps to Advance Your Career

Marketers of all stripes likely have ambitions to advance their careers. One can only assume that most business folks would like to someday get promoted, gain a larger role in their company or industry, or another. That’s the nature of business.

So the question is, what can you do today to set yourself up for the future?

One simple answer is, figure out what you’re missing.

If you know now what you’d like to do next, or what role you aspire to, there are a few steps you can take to help support your future ambitions. Begin by researching the skills and experience necessary for that kind of role. You can do this by seeking out and communicating with someone in this type of role today, or more simply by searching job postings around the web.

Once you have a good sense of what skills and experience is necessary to succeed in your future position, you should compare that to a list of skills and experience you have today. Put the two lists side by side, and identify the gaps.

These skill gaps are the areas should work to fill sooner, rather than later. You can do this through:

  1. Coursework and education
  2. Asking your boss to expand your current role
  3. Finding a mentor with these specific skills
  4. Joining a professional organization or meetup group that deals in these areas

It is on you to grow your career. You can do this by staying active outside your current role. Ambition is a choice.