Simple Website Fixes – Part 9

Welcome to the latest edition of our newest weekly blog series, Simple Website Fixes. Each week we will identify and explain one easy change that you can make to your company’s website in order to improve performance. Last week’s fix was – Use Buttons.

This week’s fix = Add Video

We can go ahead and admit that video is not easy, and so it might not seem like a perfect fit for this series on “simple” fixes. But, let’s pretend for a minute that you have the budget and/or capabilities to create quality videos for your site.

If so, then adding them is simple. Hosting them on YouTube or Vimeo and embedding them, or simply adding a custom video player to your website is something any junior developer can do.

Why is this a fix?

Video has taken over for text as the dominant content type on the web. 3.25 Billion hours of video are watched on YouTube alone each month. This is a video-driven world and if you have something to say, you are better off saying it with video than any other medium.

Adding video to your sales pages will help engage your audience. Adding video to your blog pages will keep people around longer. Adding video to your landing pages will make people more likely to convert.

Video holds several advantages to text.

  1. It is easier to consume.
  2. You can say more with less.
  3. You can showcase products better than text and images alone.

If your site is light on video, starting to populate more videos should help you turn more visitors into customers.

Have an idea for a simple website fix? Submit it here and maybe we will include it in an upcoming post.