Simple Website Fixes – Series Recap

Over the last twelve weeks, we have been proud to share a slate of simple website fixes in a series aptly titled, Simple Website Fixes. Alas, the series must now come to an end. But if you missed it, this is your chance to catch up.

Here are all 11 parts for your reading pleasure:

Part 1: Replace Big Blocks of Text with Lists

Part 2: Limit Navigation Options

Part 3: Add an Offer

Part 4: Utilize Site Search

Part 5: Add the Phone Number

Part 6: Shorten Your Forms

Part 7: Add Content

Part 8: Use Buttons

Part 9: Add Video

Part 10: Make Your Site Faster

Part 11: Test with Optimizely

Thanks for reading. And stay tuned next week for the start of a brand new weekly series.