To Get Them to Buy, Make it Easier

For all of the marketers and small business owners out there trying to increase the number of people purchasing from their company, you may want to go through the process of purchasing yourself.

You may think you know how it works, but when is the last time you experienced the process in the same way that your customers do? The reason for taking another look at your purchasing process from time to time is simple, you may be making it difficult to buy. When you make it difficult to buy, the odds go down that people will do it.

Here are some ways that companies make it harder to purchase:

  1. Forcing shoppers to create a user account during the checkout process. The simplest way to get more users to check out is to eliminate steps. Allow people to check out as a guest and you’ll get more sales.
  2. Forcing shoppers to call to purchase rather than completing the purchase online. The simplest way to get more shoppers to purchase is to let them do it in the way that works for them. Give them options and you’ll get more sales.
  3. Not offering live technical and customer support during the purchase process. The simplest way to get more shoppers to purchase is to answer any question they have. Live chat and phone support will get more users through the checkout process by eliminating all their fears.

Amazon sets a great example for making purchasing easier. When the most successful retailer of all time focuses on making it easier for shoppers to complete the checkout process, other companies should take notice. Through one-click checkout, prime, apps, Dash buttons and Echo products, Amazon is working to make buying someone on their network as simple as possible.