Simple Website Fixes – Part 11

Welcome to the latest edition of our newest weekly blog series, Simple Website Fixes. Each week we will identify and explain one easy change that you can make to your company’s website in order to improve performance. Last week’s fix was – Add Speed.

This week’s fix = Use Optimizely

It is not possible for anyone, me included, to know exactly what changes you should make to your website. We might have some idea, based on past experience and industry knowledge. But we can never be sure.

That’s why the answer to so many questions is, it depends. Every company is different. Every customer is different.

But one surefire change you can make to your website, one that is guaranteed to improve its performance over time if used correctly, is to start testing. Running simple A/B tests and measuring the impact those changes have on performance will always be a winner. And Optimizely is a tool that makes that strategy easier than ever.

Optimizely is a site testing platform designed for marketers. It is an easy ‘plug and play’ system that requires a developer to simply add a small snippet of code to a company’s website to start testing. From there, you don’t need any technical knowledge to operate. Make changes, define goals, and measure results all in one place, for a low monthly cost based on the number of people interacting with your site.

Any self-proclaimed expert can tell you what you should do to improve your website. But only you can actively test changes on your site with real users and find out what works best.

Implement a testing strategy and you are sure to improve your site’s performance.

Have an idea for a simple website fix? Submit it here and maybe we will include it in an upcoming post.