Endorsements, Stamps of Approval, and Social Proof


Almost every marketing effort has one ultimate goal in mind – to increase sales. Each individual component or strategy might have its own metric. But at the end of the day, all of it is aimed at generating new revenue.

But what most marketers are realizing in today’s business climate is that consumers are less and less trusting of a company’s claims. They’re onto us. They know when they’re being marketed to, and they don’t like it.

That’s where endorsements, social proof, and a whole bunch of other strategies I will lump under “Stamps of Approval” come in handy. These are things marketers and do and encourage to help sell savvy consumers on the value your products and services offer.

They are all marketing techniques, but what makes them different is that they use third-party recommendations to do the marketing for you. Here are just a few you might consider:

  1. Customer testimonials – text or video
  2. Success stories – more detailed content about one customer and their outcomes
  3. Customer ratings – a la Yelp or Amazon
  4. Celebrity endorsements – these can be professionals in your field, industry experts, athletes, or pop-culture figureheads
  5. Industry or technology verification – join or apply to be recognized by an industry organization, ie. Google Trusted Vendor
  6. Press coverage
  7. BBB or Consumer Reports – consumer-focused accreditation
  8. Showcase the number of customers who purchased or well-known clients