Simple Website Fixes – Part 8

Welcome to the latest edition of our newest weekly blog series, Simple Website Fixes. Each week we will identify and explain one easy change that you can make to your company’s website in order to improve performance. Last week’s fix was – Add Content.

This week’s fix = Use Buttons

Back in the day, when most of our internet usage involved a mouse, text links were the most common way to send people from one page to another. Those days are over. Half of all web usage now takes place on phones and tablets, with fingers replacing mice and cursors.

For that reason, as well as others, we need to migrate our text links to buttons.

Buttons more clearly identify actions your users can take. They are easier to tap/push than text.

When you add buttons to your website, you do a number of things. You make it more likely that someone using a mobile device will be able to navigate from one page to another. You add a visual element that makes your pages more appealing. And you increase the likelihood that people will click on your links and take necessary actions.

The use of buttons has been shown to increase usability, and in doing so, increase site stickiness and conversion rate. In today’s world, where mobile web usage continues to grow, we have entered a time when buttons are now a necessity.

Have an idea for a simple website fix? Submit it here and maybe we will include it in an upcoming post.