Are You Creating the Right Content?

In the early days of content marketing, it was enough to simply be creating content of any kind. When you’re the first company to do it, it’s not hard to stand out.

But that time has passed. Now every company worth its salt is creating content in an effort to attract and retain customers. So how are you supposed to stand out?

By creating the right content. What is the right content, you ask?

The right content:

  1. Knows its audience and writes directly to them
  2. Provides value that audience can’t get anywhere else
  3. Is shared on a platform that audience already inhabits
  4. Has a goal and is measured for success toward that goal

Whether it’s a company that takes a specific stance on a much-discussed topic, or a company that uses video to address topics that have been previously only written about, the companies that succeed with content marketing are doing something unique.

They are not simply producing content for content’s sake. There is a strategy behind it – the when, the why, the what and the how have all been thought through.