The Fine Line Between Annoying and Effective

Frequency. As in, what is the right frequency for my marketing communications? It’s one of the most common questions asked by marketers and small business owners looking to grow their sales. And for good reason.

There is a fine line between annoying and effective.

Effective frequencies increase the rate of sales by connecting with more people and converting them with your messaging. Annoying frequencies turn people off by messaging that is too frequent, causing them to unsubscribe, block, report spam, and otherwise damage your reputation.

The problem is, there is no sure way to know where the line between the two is.

The solution: test!

If your question is, can I contact people more frequently and will it lead to more sales, try it. Start with one additional message. If you are contacting them once a month, try twice. Measure sales compared to before and make a judgment. If that works, try three.

If your question is, am I contacting people too much and turning them off, try pulling back. Again, start with one message. If you are contacting them once a week, try once every other week instead. Measure sales and complaints and make a judgment.

The key point is that for every business and every offer this point at which you are messaging your prospective customers too frequently is different. In order to know for sure, the only thing you can do is test it out for yourself. And you should.