Marketing Funnel – Part 6

The marketing funnel - sometimes called the sales funnel, the purchase funnel, or the buyer’s journey, - is a fundamental concept in marketing for understanding the step by step process that consumers go through to make a purchasing decision.

Each week we will focus on one segment of the funnel and go into more detail. Last week we introduced the commitment stage.

This week’s segment: Purchase

Congratulations! At the purchase stage you’ve made the sale. The hard, time-consuming, expensive work of signing up a new customer is over.

In the old days, we might say that this is where marketing’s job ends. Marketing gets a qualified lead to sales. Sales signs them up. Game over.

But we know better than that. The job is never over. Once we have a new customer, it is marketing’s job to make sure that new customer is happy and becomes a repeat customer. Loyal, even.

This is the stage where we have to reach across organization lines and work closely with service and product teams, community managers, etc. in order to make sure that all customer contact is consistent and works towards keeping the customer engaged. Because when it comes time to turn a one-time purchase into a lifetime customer, this first impression will make all the difference.

Stay tuned next week for another edition of the Marketing Funnel series.