Improving Conversion on Your Website: What You Need to Know About the Data

Conversion is the most important statistic of relevance to any online business. Traffic is great and important, but converting that traffic into sales and actions are keys to the success and longevity of your business. For many businesses, conversion is simply not optimized and businesses are suffering due to that fact. The facts on website builder reviews reveal that a series of straightforward hacks can boost your conversion and, in conjunction, your business’s bottom line.

Simple and easy-to-implement changes, like boosting website loading speed, changing up the layout or optimizing the checkout process, can make the world of difference online. Using real-time data, analytics, tested design and psychological elements - a system of tried, tested and perfected conversions hacks - have helped countless brands and businesses turn their visitors into customers.

Top Ideas that Work

Some of the best ideas to implement that has seen, in some cases, triple-digit percentage jumps to conversion are pretty straightforward. Using video is one such example. Vidyard increased conversions by 100% by using a video on their homepage, and Candlemakers increased conversion by 166% after adding video testimonials to their site. Media is a huge driver of business and as media becomes more saturated in the marketplace, visitors are beginning to expect it on your site. increased their conversion by 400% by implementing demonstration videos of their product.

Another top conversion tip is to simplify user experience. Having customers fill out lengthy questionnaires and forms makes them look for more streamlined options. Imagescape, for example, increased conversion rate by 160% after reducing contact form fields from 11 to 4. Simplifying the checkout, navigation and form filling process can help shift your conversion rate positively.

Conversion is the number one driver of your online business and you no longer have to trial and error your way through to optimization. The data has been compiled for you and is readily available to change your high volume of viewers into sales and converts.