Top Resources for Marketers – Part 7


The following is part one of our weekly series on Top Resources for Marketers.

Learning is a lifelong process. Without learning and development, we flounder. Technology passes us by. Potential lies undiscovered and dormant. Old skills stagnate and new ones fail ever to form.

With that in mind, today’s resource is: Hubspot

Hubspot started as a company dedicated to improve the way companies communicated with potential customers. Inbound marketing, which is now a large niche, was where they focused their attention more than ten years ago.

Today, they offers tools and resources that companies can use to improve their inbound marketing campaigns, manage sales contacts, and increase sales conversion.

They also put out a ton of free resources that teach marketers all kinds of things – from article writing to social media posts to managing an Instagram account. If it falls under the general heading of “Inbound”, Hubspot’s got you covered.

Their library of free resources is a savvy marketer’s best friend.