Top Resources for Marketers – Part 6


The following is part one of our weekly series on Top Resources for Marketers.

Learning is a lifelong process. Without learning and development, we flounder. Technology passes us by. Potential lies undiscovered and dormant. Old skills stagnate and new ones fail ever to form.

With that in mind, today’s resource is: Moz

Moz has been around a long time, and has evolved over the years to become a go-to resource for search engine optimization. In addition to their paid tools that companies can use to measure and improve SEO efforts, they offer tons of free content and tools on their site.

Their free SEO tools include Keyword Explorer, Open Site Explorer, and the MozBar. With them, you can find out more about other sites in your industry and how you stack up with them on a specific set of keywords.

Their blog, meanwhile, is updated regularly, and includes posts on everything search. Simply by becoming a subscriber, you will have access to a wealth of information you can use to become an SEO master.

For the modern digital marketer looking to know the ins and outs of SEO, you can do no better than Moz.